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What happened out there?, 2009Hyperculture, 2009
Hyperculture, 2009
SwampySpace, Design District, Miami, FL

HYPERCULTURE - an installation by Victor Muñiz

Hyperculture refers to the staggering rate of change in modern technological societies. It is the condition of perpetual interregnum. In other words hyperculture is our constant state of being in between while information continues to flow with increasing volume. The rampant illnesses of our society--including the disintegration of the family, the degradation of the environment, unlimited commercialism, and unrelenting stress are familiar to us all.

Victor Muñiz examines the profundity of Hyperculture according to the Gaian hypothesis that the earth is a self-regulating organism. Can the same be said of information? Does it lead a life of its own or is it merely a disposable by-product of mass culture? In the age of information Muñiz is a terabit of talent.

Written by Oliver Sanchez
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